Life at Yuegu

Life in Yue Gu is dynamic, vibrant and variable to students.

Within the bounds of our community rules and norms, each of us
devotes ourselves to things that we choose to do and bears the
consequence of our actions. We can be found reading books,
talking to each other, playing board games, playing football or
building a house model, etc. Each day for each of us is unique.

School Meeting
Once a week, we have a school meeting to discuss and determine
rules and policies that are effective to all of us. And each of us,
regardless of the age, has an equal vote in the meeting.

We have a very popular cooperation called the Cooking Cooperation,
led by Belle Zeng who herself enjoys cooking very much. Members of
the Cooking Cooperation are required to follow their own schedules
and rules. They normally start preparing the food on Thursday and
finish and share them with others on Friday.

Outdoor Playing
We enjoy playing outside. Twice a week, we go out to a sports field
nearby to play. Some children play football, some play Frisbee,
others explore around and find their own enjoyment.

As a self-directed learning community, students here have no formal
classes or curriculum. Academic learning is based on his or her own
interests. And he or she decide what, when and how to learn.
Assists only be given when required.

The maker space of Yue Gu, filled with tools and equipment,
is one of the favorite places where children would like to go
and spend the whole day. They make their own toys, do exp- eriments,
build cars and houses models, or anything comes into their mind.
Stephen Zheng, our maker teacher, is always happy to join them or
help them when he is needed.

Board Games
Board games are really popular in Yue Gu. Children or staffs can be
seen playing different board games here and there. We have a lot of
fun in the game. We now have a collection of nearly 50 kinds of
board games.