Jie Huang, admission director
Jie is the founder and the admissions director of Yue Gu Learning Community. He was an experienced maths teacher. He spends most of his time talking to interested parents and organizations.

Emily Cheng, English teacher
Emily is our kids’ companion, works full time to take care of our little kids. She is also an English teacher.

Stephen Zheng, Maker Space
Stephen normally stays in our Maker Space, working on building or making interesting stuffs, on his own or with others. He is always happy to support students in designing, programing and making all kinds of handcrafts.

Rebecca Liu, public relationship manager
Rebecca is our financial minister and public relationship manager. She works full time and enjoys sharing her skills on Chinese traditional instruments with interested students.

Former Staff:Li Liu, executive director
Li is the executive director of Yue Gu Learning Community. Maths, History and Photography are subjects that he enjoys sharing with students.

Belle Zeng, Chinese teacher
Belle is our Chinese reading and writing teacher. She enjoys sharing books, articles and movies with others. She likes foods. Now she leads a cooking cooperation in Yue Gu.

Liang Qi, Writing teacher
Liang works full time in Yue Gu, engages with all children in many types of activities. He is especially interested in sharing his time with students on reading and writing, positive phycology, board games and city tours.

Leah Lee, story teller
Leah is our kids’ companion and story teller. She loves to play with little children and share her happiness. Leah also leads a reading cooperation and a drama cooperation in Yue Gu.