Published: April 19, 2024

ttcInnovations Launches New L&D Podcast: Learning Matters

Learning and Development leader ttcInnovations launches new podcast, Learning Matters. New episodes deliver valuable insights each week through interviews with industry experts, helping listeners stay up to date and excel on their L&D journeys.


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Carlsbad, CA, April 19, 2024 — ttcInnovations, Inc., a leader in creating custom corporate training solutions since 2001, is proud to announce their new Learning and Development (L&D) podcast, Learning Matters, launched on April 16, 2024. Hosted by Doug Wooldridge, Learning Matters brings a compelling mix of content, with new episodes released every week. Listeners can expect insightful perspectives from engaging interviews, practical case studies, and in-depth analyses of the latest learning trends.

Learning Matters embodies ttc's commitment to empowering HR and training professionals and their belief that learning is the foundation for both individual and organizational success. Whether you are a seasoned L&D veteran or embarking on a new path as an Instructional Designer, ttc's Learning Matters podcast aims to equip listeners with the knowledge and tools needed to excel on their journey.

Host Doug Wooldridge, who boasts over 15 years of experience crafting audio learning assets for companies like Amazon and Meta, shares his enthusiasm for bringing his passion for storytelling to life on the Learning Matters podcast, stating:

I'm really excited for the opportunity to help share the stories, tips, and tools of leaders within the industry. Having the ability to do long-form interviews is such a gift when it comes to having a conversation. It's not scripted. It's just two or more folks sitting down for a chat.

Learning Matters will be available in both audio and video formats for flexible consumption. Their unique interactive elements will allow learners to become active participants through real-time engagement features, offering an opportunity to join the conversation by asking questions and sharing insights. Subscribe through your favorite podcast platform and tune in weekly to stay up to date on Instructional Design tips and strategies, the latest in L&D leadership, trending training tools, and game-changing training and talent solutions.

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