Published: May 9, 2024

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy Accepting Applications For New School Year

Full-time online private high school opens registration for Fall 2024 with new additions to its more than 200 courses.

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Massachusetts Mayflower Academy Registration Available

Online learning is an increasingly popular option for secondary students whose circumstances require a more flexible class schedule or who want to delve into diverse learning opportunities due to career or personal interests. To help students realize their potential in a safe, supportive online learning environment, Massachusetts Mayflower Academy (MMA), a full-time online private high school, is now accepting applications for the 2024–25 school year.

MMA is an accredited online high school powered by VHS Learning, a nonprofit providing high-quality online courses since 1996. For the 2024–25 school year, MMA offers its students more than 200 online courses, ranging from core subjects and unique electives to 29 Advanced Placement® courses and a variety of Honors options.

This fall, MMA will also offer several new courses, including Artificial Intelligence, Music Production, English 12 Self-Paced, and Personal Fitness Self-Paced.

The Artificial Intelligence course will explore the history, workings, and societal impact of Artificial Intelligence. To understand AI concepts, students will use several interactive Artificial Intelligence simulation tools, including MIT App Inventor and Scratch. In a culminating project, students will develop their own AI prototype and explain ethical considerations in its design.

In the Music Production course, students will analyze music to see how music production creates the sounds of different modern musical genres. They will then use the social music creation platform BandLab to create new works of their own, experimenting with diverse music production techniques. Students will also collaborate to develop complex works for a releasable single. This course is aligned with the National Core Arts Standards for music theory and composition and is designed for both experienced musicians and students with no prior musical experience.

Students participating in the English 12 Self-Paced literature and writing course will share their analyses of various literary and informational texts through written arguments and narrative pieces. In the final unit, students research and present their findings on a topic related to one of the historical, literary, or thematic concepts in the previous units. Students will earn one credit for the course and can begin on any Wednesday from September through the first Wednesday in February. All assignments must be completed by June 15, so students who enroll later will progress through the material at a faster rate.

The Personal Fitness course is aligned with the ShapeAmerica Physical Education standards. Students will design a personal workout program for themselves as they learn how regular exercise and nutrition benefit one's mental, physical, and social health. Students can enroll and begin on any Wednesday from September through the first Wednesday in February. The course completion deadline is June 15.

"Massachusetts Mayflower Academy courses are designed by Subject Matter Experts and taught by experienced certified high school teachers," said President and CEO of VHS Learning Carol DeFuria. "Each student enrolled in the academy is supported and encouraged and follows a learning path that allows them to take courses that pique their unique interests. We're looking forward to welcoming students for the new school year and helping them experience the variety of engaging learning opportunities in our extensive course catalog as they earn their high school diploma."

About Massachusetts Mayflower Academy and VHS Learning

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is an accredited full-time online private school. The academy enrolls students from across the United States and around the world in its college preparatory diploma-granting high school program. Graduates have gone on to such prestigious colleges as Bates College, California Institute of the Arts, Temple University, and Boston University.

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is operated by VHS Learning, a nonprofit organization providing high-quality online high school courses since 1996. Certified teachers provide instruction for more than 200 unique online courses, including 29 Advanced Placement® courses. For more information, visit Massachusetts Mayflower Academy.