Published: February 13, 2024

iSpring's Research Sheds Light On The State Of Online Corporate Training

The research aims to help training professionals adjust their strategies with evidence-based insights.

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Alexandria, VA, February 13, 2024 — iSpring Solutions Inc., a leading eLearning software and service company based in the U.S., released its comprehensive research findings on the current state of online corporate training. The research sheds light on crucial aspects of corporate training, such as training goals, content creation, employee motivation, measurement of training effectiveness, and formulation of training budgets, thus offering valuable insights for CEOs, HR professionals, and Learning and Development (L&D) specialists.

Key Highlights From The Research

1. Online corporate training goals

  • 39% of organizations use corporate training to provide employees with relevant industry knowledge.
  • Soft skills are a close second, with 37% of respondents emphasizing their importance.

2. Training content creation

  • 51% of respondents create all training materials internally.
  • Only 4% of organizations purchase ready-made courses or use content provided by partners.

3. Motivation and engagement

  • 67% of companies promote the importance of training at regular meetings.
  • Excuses for not completing training remain the top sign of employee resistance (48%).

4. Measuring training effectiveness

  • 50% of organizations consistently measure the effectiveness of training.
  • Completion rate is the top-tracked training effectiveness metric (67%).

5. Training budget considerations

  • 40% of organizations spent less than $50,000 on employee training in 2023.
  • 35% don't have a clearly outlined training budget for 2024.

Natalie Taylor, Senior eLearning Consultant and a member of the research team, comments:

Our goal was to bridge a gap in corporate training, where professionals often lack the objective data needed to adjust their strategies. This research provides evidence-based insights that will hopefully help our colleagues enhance their training programs and seize growth opportunities in our rapidly evolving landscape.

The research findings are available for free on the iSpring's website.

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