eLearning Industry's Guest Author Article Showcase [May 2024]

eLI's Monthly Roundup The Top eLearning Posts By Guest Authors
Summary: From DevOps testing strategies to putting people first when leveraging AI, this monthly guest post roundup has something for every L&D pro.

Highlighting May's Top Guest Author Articles

How can you incorporate OCR technology in eLearning? What does it take to create a compelling course landing page? How can you leverage eLearning to keep your event attendees fully engaged? This article showcase has all the answers you're looking for. In no particular order, here are the top guest author eLearning posts published last month.

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Guest Posting Guide: How To Become A Top Content Contributor On eLearning Industry
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5 eLearning Posts That Stood Out In May

1. A Super Skill In The Age Of AI By Ryan Tracey

How can you put people first when working with Artificial Intelligence? In this guest post, Ryan Tracey discusses human-centered design (HCD) as an optimal way of using AI to augment human capabilities.

2. From FOMO To Follow-Up: How eLearning Can Keep Your Event Attendees Engaged By Marjorie Hajim

Combat FOMO and ensure attendee engagement from the moment they register with the power of eLearning. Marjorie Hajim explores how to leverage eLearning modules throughout the event cycle, from pre-event primers that banish FOMO and set the stage to interactive activities that enhance live sessions.

3. High-Converting Course Landing Page: The Ultimate Guide And Examples By Kate Parish

Eager to learn how to convert as many people as possible? Create an engaging landing page. Kate Parish casts light on what makes the course landing page successful. It contains compelling examples of how to use different triggers to encourage people to enroll.

4. What Is The Scope Of OCR In eLearning? A Comprehensive Guide By Saif Ali

Discover how OCR technology boosts eLearning! Saif Ali shows how OCR extracts text from images, making content accessible, searchable, and easier to manage, enhancing the eLearning experience.

5. DevOps Testing Strategies For Scalable eLearning Solutions By Ayodele Johnson

In today's digital era, scalable and reliable eLearning platforms are crucial. Ayodele Johnson explains how DevOps testing ensures efficiency and adaptability, mitigating risks.

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